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Creating Killer Content

Estimated Reading Time : 3-4 minutes
Date : 15th Feb 2017
Categories : Advice, Content, Marketing

What is the best way to use words to sell your product or service?
How do you capitalise on the visual content trend that has been dominating online?
Do you use a hard or a soft sell approach for your audience?

When considering the creation of content for your audience, there can be a long list of questions you ask yourself in order to ensure that you are sending the right message while maintaining engagement. This however can become overwhelming as you begin to realise just how many different aspects you need to consider when creating your perfect content.

Over the last 2 years in particular, there has been a significant rise in the importance of creating content that branches out past that of traditional hard-sell, written content, as the demand for visual and engaging content has taken over. As a result, this requires us to adjust the manner in which we build and present our content to our audience, or to those who we wish were part of our audience.

Ultimate it revolves around taking the soft-sell approach and focusing on emotional connections, helpful/handy tips or information that is funny or shareable, such as memes, videos or photos. Using these concepts as a base, it is important for us to then build from then and tailor the content to the interests of our audience or past content that has provided us with excellent engagement. While it is just as important to remember to modify content based on the publishing platform.


Creating Your Content

  1. Maintain Consistency

    • When selecting to go down the path of adopting visual content, you need to ensure that you maintain a level of frequency and type of content
  2. Use Quality Content

    • Quality can either be found in the depth of detail and clarity that an picture provides or through the clean and direct message that the visual conveys, not only is this essential but it is expected by your audience
  3. Capture a Moment/Emotion

    • By linking in an emotional, moment or feeling, you leave a connection between you and your audience's emotions, to which these feelings are extremely powerful and long lasting
  4. Showcase your Audience

    • While your audience is your biggest spokesperson, it is also your largest source of easy and free content, as they produce and share the ideal content that they wish to see to which you can then reshare and use to spark conversation
  5. Create a Call to Action

    • By providing a call to action, you are taking this attention and directing it towards the end point you wish your audience to take, whether this be to consume further content or to push them through to your store for a purchase


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