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Business Advice Services

Using proven processional business development systems, the Profit Advantage Group assists you to enjoy running a profitable business. We help you to take control of daily operations by refining systems and procedures (or creating them) while also identifying growth opportunities.

Our tailored and specific advice deals with your unique business challenges by focuing on current operational needs, resulting in real business improvements which deliver benefits and help create a "You" independent business. 



Our Range of Solutions


Business Planning

By guiding the future direction of your business you will have a structured path to follow in order to improve and grow your business. Buisiness plans must be written and actively used in your business and preperation of them requires market reviews, SWOT workshops and a range of other analysis'. Without a business plan you are only planning to fail.


Cash Flow Management

Proftable businesses can get into cash flow stress that can ultimately lead to failure of a successful company. Good cash flow management requires a range of strategies and processes, dealing with payables, recevieables, terms and conditions and inventory management.



Business Recoveries

All businesses go through rough patches, but not every business owner knows how to get through it. It is better to ask for assistance early than letting the problems you are experiencing spiral out of control. An external opinion can make all the difference in avoiding a future conversation about your business' solvency.


Marketing Strategies

Most businesses follow an ad-hoc approach to marketing, and as a result wonder why they don't generate enough business. Developing a marketing strategy allows your business to define it's target audience, develop a value proposition and then create the appropriate materials as part of a regular marketing campaign.


Business Improvement

Every business can be better and seeking an external opinion on improvement opportunities, and how to implement them, can assist you to regularly focus working more on your business and less in it. Every sporting team uses a coach, so why doesn't your business have a coach?

People Management

In Jim Collins' book 'Good to Great' (based on 15 years of analysis) he rightly identifies the critical success factor for businesses is getting the right people (and managing them well). The wrong people doing the wrong things without structured people processes will adversely affect your business.

Succession Planning

A business can not only be an investment but a multigenerational one. The difficulty can be in establishing what needs to be done to transition the business from one generation of leaders to the next. When a transition is done in the right way the process is much smoother for not just the leaders, but all stakeholders.

Exit Planning

Your business is an investment that is hopefully currently giving you a regular income, but it also should be worth something when you are ready to retire. Unfortunately most business owners don't prepare their business for an orderly sale and almost certainly are not prepared for an urgent or unplanned sale in a market when all the baby-boomers are retiring.


Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators should be the dashboard for your business, letting you know what's working, what's not and what are the critical things that you need to manage to imrpove performance. Establishing Key Performance Indicators and monitoring them regularly will focus you on working on the key areas to drive your business success.


Psychometric Analysis

Some people are less suited to particular work, pressures, situations or relationships. Unfortunately most business owners don't have the ability to understand their staffs personal preferences and this can lead to significant business problems. We use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ Analysis to guide you with staffing challenges.