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The Profit Advantage Group has been providing businesses across Australia with a range of guidance and advice since September 2003. Macarthur Business Advisors and Macarthur Business Brokers are the two divisions that make up the Profit Advantage Group; and together are able to assist businesses at any stage in their lifecycle.

Macarthur Business Advisors is a full service business consultancy practice that provides an opportunity for business owners to grow and develop their business in a professional and managed way. Macarthur Business Advisors has developed a Methodology that is used to identify improvement opportunities in a business. These improvement opportunities are then used to create a tailored program for improvement.

Macarthur Business Advisors’ Principal, Geoff Ellis, is also a Qualified Facilitator through The Executive Connection. This provides Geoff the qualified ability to bring together a group of likeminded Business Owners in order to grow and work together towards business success.

Macarthur Business Brokers is the Profit Advantage Group’s Business Broking division that endeavours to assist business owners: 
a) gain an understanding of what the realistic sale price of their business may be and:
b) assist the owner to achieve the best sale price in the shortest time.

Whether you are selling your business privately or with the assistance of a Broker, you should always get an understanding of what your business is realistically worth. This is why when Macarthur Business Brokers complete an Appraisal on a business there is no obligation to list the business for sale. With a number of methods that can be used to sell a business and price may be the factor that assists in deciding what's most appropriate.




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 We understand that business is sometimes fragile and care should be taken in developing the right strategies for growth & development. We have an extensive range of business improvement services.


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What our clients have to say...

"With the help of Geoff and Profit Advantage Group, we were able improve our business and implement strategies that have allowed us to comfortably explore new territory and withstand current challenges in the economy. Geoff’s formula for small business worked for us and we will work with Geoff and his team again in the near future."
Paul, Hillbrick Bicycles