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Visual: The Content King

Estimated Reading Time : 2-3 minutes
Date : 1st Feb 2017
Categories : Advice, Content, Marketing

For years content has been focused on the copy, selecting each word carefully to ensure that the right message and tone is conveyed through to your audience. This however has been a changing trend, especially since the turn on of this decade with the focus shifting to the visual. Leading us to see a rapid increase in the vastness and quality of visual content that has flooded social platforms, business websites and beyond.

This leap in visual content has been lead by a range of different influences from our physiological nature through to the changing trends, both socially and technologically, which we have experienced. But why do you need to create and use strong visuals alongside your copy compared to traditional plain text content?


The Facts

  1. Images are Processed Faster

    • We are able to view/understand images 60,000x faster than we are when are to with text, meaning that this type of content is able to be consumed much quicker
  2. Technological Evolution

    • With over 2 billion smartphone devices and many more internet-enabled devices, we are able to consume more content in more places
    • This has also been facilitated by the improvements in data limits and speeds, which make downloading and viewing visual content easier than ever
  3. Pictures Tell 1,000 Words

    • While this statement in commonly used to describe the use of images over text copy, it has been discovered by Forrester Research that a one minute video can tell 1.8 million words
  4. Everybody's Doing It

    • Part of the reason why visual content has seen so much growth is due to our inert nature to copy one another, especially those who we admire or desire to more like
    • This had lead individuals and businesses to follow one another down the path of the visual, as everyone is jumping on this type of content across the internet

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