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Don't Use Techno Babble


Jargon is a great way to talk about complex issues in a brief way – but only if you understand it. Isn’t it frustrating when you’re talking to someone and they use some jargon you’ve not heard of before and you then feel a little shy about asking for an explanation – well that’s just how other feel when you do it.

Jargon can be very powerful to communicate when it’s between people who understand the concept – at any other time it’s just “tecno-babble” that clouds the issue and really shows that you’re not really trying to communicate with someone but impress them with your technical word skills.

A good response to someone using techno-babble on is to simply say the jargon word or phrase back in a questioning tone – this will always get a explanation and sends a simple message that the person who’s talking to you is not connecting properly and that they need to change their way of talking to one that you both can relate to.

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Don't Use Techno Babble

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