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Ask for a Testimonial

Sales & Marketing

A Testimonial is a simple statement of good service that your Customer will allow you to share publicly with potential new Customers. When we look to make a new purchase it’s usually comforting to read about some else who gas had good service at the business.

However, it’s rare these days to get good feedback, it’s not that there is not good service being given it’s maybe just the way our society is developing – people don’t seem to say thanks too often.

Anyway, if your Customer does say thanks for something well done, simply ask them if you can use their good service comments as a Testimonial for your business – most people will say yes. From this point, you write down their good feedback comments and then ask them to review what you’ve written.

You should also clear with them the way in which you’ll use their comments, be it on a brochure or advertisement or other marketing material.

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Ask for a Testimonial

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